Custom-Made Artworks

Order Your Own Bespoke Painting

An original work of art is capable of transforming a space. It is unique. It may have thick paint strokes or grainy textures, and there is an intrinsically handmade feel to the painting. It has been carefully and thoughtfully made with love by the artist especially for you.

Set an appointment with Jackie Micallef to discuss your own choice of the following customizations:

  • Custom dimensions
  • Custom colour scheme
  • Custom subject matter

Although each painting is custom-made to your preferred specifications, it is vital to keep in mind that the painting is interpreted in the style of the artist. For an insight into the style by Jackie Micallef please check out her Portfolio.

What's the Process?


Step 1: Meeting with the Artist

Set an appointment with Jackie Micallef in her gallery in Mosta to discuss exactly what you are after. The available works in the gallery will help you point out what is your preferred style.

We suggest bringing photos of the room where you will be hanging the painting, alongside any relevant wall or furniture measurements. During this meeting we evaluate the space where you plan to hang your painting and help you determine the best size. We will also discuss your preferred colour scheme.

If you are opting for a semi-abstract painting, rather than an abstract, then you may indicate the subject matter that is close to heart.

Step 2: Research & Inspiration

Once we’ve settled all the specifics, then it’s time to get down to work. At this stage the artist begins to research and sketch. If you have chosen to have a particular location around Malta or Gozo as the subject matter of your painting, then at this stage the artist visits the location and photographs any relevant landmarks.

Step 3: Creative Process

Finally, it’s time to get started! The act of creation – making something from nothing—is remarkable. Once back in the studio, this is where the artist feels the freedom to express herself and begin the creative development of the artwork.

Each painting is completed using professional artist-quality acrylic paints by Golden Artist Colors, which are not only of extremely high pigment but they ensure the best results.

Once complete the painting is coated with several layers of UVLS varnish, protecting the paintings from dirt, UV rays and changes in temperature.

Prior to delivery or pick-up, the paintings are well-packed with bubble wrap to protect the painting and the frame. A Certificate of Originality is provided with the artwork alongsid a unique reference number, as proof that the work is an original painting by Jackie. Finally, the artwork and certificate are signed by the artist.

“My approach to painting is to maintain spontaneity. There is life in movement, death in stagnation. And I approach every painting with the idea that I want that painting to continuously move. I want that painting to come to life.” Jackie