Art Gallery

Jackie Micallef - Fine Art Gallery, Mosta

The ‘Jackie Micallef – Fine Art Gallery’ was founded in 2005 by Jackie and Charles Micallef, with over 2000 sq. ft. of exhibition space in the Art Academy building on Constitution Street, Mosta.  Today it is known for exhibiting art that reflects the rhythm and raw beauty of the Maltese Islands.

Work by visual artist Jackie Micallef and Ceramic Artist Charles Micallef are permanently exhibited within the gallery located in the centre of Malta.

The audience for exhibitions of contemporary art has increased widely during the recent years as general awareness and interest in contemporary art has developed both in Malta and abroad.

When Jackie’s Fine Art Gallery first opened it was only those who had a dedicated interest in contemporary art who sought out the gallery to see work by new artists. The audience, however, built steadily over the years and in our gallery in Mosta.

The gallery is open from Monday to Saturday as may be seen from our opening hours. Jackie Micallef is there to greet customers by appointment only.