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Artist's Statement


“I usually begin a new painting with random brush strokes of colour, then work unpredictably and intuitively, responding to the movement of colour and the direction the painting suggests to me.

My most recent work is about the thrill of exploring and experimenting with a variety of methods of applying acrylics on raw canvas, taking big risks and looking for new combinations that I’ve never done before.

At other times it appears that the painting already knows what it wants, and the duty of the artist is to listen, surrender, watch and most of all trust.

For me painting is like an intense compulsion motivated by the love of the process which opens up a whole world of new possibilities.”

Painting Experience

Jackie Micallef emerged into the contemporary art scheme in 1999 with work that evolved into a compelling explosion of colour. Beginning the journey through her tutorship under local artist Harry Alden for over 10 years. This was followed by several courses in London and America, including Expressive Art and Mixed Media Painting.

Jackie is a Maltese Artist specializing in mixed media paintings on canvas. She is well-known for her large vibrant abstracts and powerful textures, creating unique combinations in her artworks.

Jackie believes in the art of true expression. She has extensively explored other representational styles, but it is her abstracts and semi-abstracts, that have fulfilled her and have been the most highly regarded over time. In her current work, one can feel the passion these paintings evoke.

Today, Jackie’s work is a bold mix of styles, bringing a subtle and sophisticated feel to her paintings through the unique balance of colour, composition and texture.

Golden Artist Educator

In October 2016, Jackie Micallef was selected alongside 20 other artists worldwide to attend training in New Orleans (USA) by Golden Artist Colors and is now a certified Golden Artist Educator.

GOLDEN Certified Artist Educators are professional artists selected by GOLDEN Artist Colors from around the globe to teach their students the various ways of how to use certain products and apply them to paintings.

The training focused particularly on acrylic techniques, gels and grounds, mixed media, and watercolors. Becoming a GOLDEN Artist Educator will allow Jackie to pass on the incredibly positive energy and fun approach that can be taken with GOLDEN Artist Colors.

Today Jackie Micallef holds various art courses and workshops for adults at Art Academy in Mosta, Malta.


  • 2002 – International Art and Artists (Malta) – Casa di Venezia, Vittoriosa
  • 2002 – Collective Art Exhibition organized by the Malta Society of Arts, Manufacturing and Commerce
  • 2003 – Fourth Biennale of Christian Art organized by the Mdina Cathedral Museum, Malta
  • 2003 – Collective Art Exhibition organized by the Mosta Local Council
  • 2003 – Collective Art Exhibition organized by the Malta Society of Arts on the Trade Fair Grounds, Naxxar
  • 2005 – Vivaldi’s Art Expression organized at the Vivaldi Hotel, St Julian’s
  • 2005 – Fifth Biennale of Christian Art organized by the Mdina Cathedral Museum, Malta
  • 2006 – Collective Art Exhibition at Simon’s Pub, Sliema
  • 2007 – Malta International Art Biennale organized by Dame Francoise Tempra
  • 2007 – Sixth Biennale of Christian Art organized by the Mdina Cathedral Museum, Malta
  • 2007 – Collective Art Exhibition organized by Art Academy (www.artacademydirect.com)
  • 2008 – Collective Art Exhibition at Mdina Local Council
  • 2008 – Collective Art Exhibition at Ministry Hall in Rabat, Gozo
  • 2008 – Art Exhibition organized at Art Club 2000
  • 2008 – Rotta tal-Arti 2008, Pieta’
  • 2009 – Unita’ Collective Art Exhibition, Marsascala
  • 2009 – Art Expression 2009 at the Radisson Hotel, St. Julian’s
  • 2009 – Collective Art Exhibition organized by Art Academy (www. artacademydirect.com)
  • 2010 – Solo Art Exhibition – ‘Creative Impulse’ at Art Academy (www.artacademydirect.com)
  • 2012 – Collective Art Exhibition with 3 other artists organized by the Europe House Malta for the occasion of Notte Bianca 2012
  • 2016 – Selected for Wrapper Design in Nestle Perugina Chocolate representing the city of Mosta
  • 2016 – Solo Art Exhibition – ‘Fusion’ at Art Academy
  • 2016 onwards – Permanent Exhibition at Jackie’s Fine Art Gallery, Mosta.