Why Buy Original Art?


Why Buy Original Art?

1. Original Art Transforms Your Space

First of all, an original work of art is capable of transforming a space. It is unique. It may have thick paint strokes or grainy textures, and there is an intrinsically handmade feel to the painting. It has been carefully and thoughtfully made with love by the artist. A mass-produced work, when examined closely, will often look pixelated and digitally rendered, and over time may even lose its colour due to the inks in the print.

2. It Tells A Story About You

Secondly, your art choices tell a story about you.  Curating your own collection is another means of creative expression.  It can inspire connection, creativity, thoughts and discussion. If you are unsure of which pieces to collect I highly recommend using Pinterest as a guide.  When you begin pinning artworks you will tend to notice a pattern emerging. It could be a certain colour scheme, abstracts, nudes or sketches. Your collection may even surprise you?

3. It Communicates Time And Passion

Thirdly original art communicates time and passion.  Buying original art supports the artist directly and gives back to the community. With mass-produced art, you don’t know where it was made and who made it. Many companies and corporations have no transparency of where their products are made. This is concerning as there is a chance the art is made by people without access to fair wages or working conditions.

4. Quality Original Art Makes You Happy

Fourthly, quality original art can make you feel happy. It is often meaningful and provides you with an experience. Every time you look at the art or walk past it you can connect and be inspired by it. You can feel good about your choice of buying it.

5. Original Art Is An Investment

Finally, original art is more than just decorating your space.  Unique art is an investment and it will appreciate in value with time. As long as you’ve invested wisely, your art will increase with value, and whether you choose to sell it in a decade or 50 years, you’ll often get much more for it than you paid. Of course, the aesthetic value might outweigh that, and you might decide to keep your original artwork for the rest of your life!

Next time you’re in a friend’s home or business space take the time to look at the art. Is it original? What does it bring to their space? A gorgeous original piece doesn’t have to be expensive to add character and warmth to a place.




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